EPIC Halaqa Programs

EPIC offers a number of Halaqa (Educational and Spiritual) Programs as a part of its services to the community. These programs are offered by Imam Nadim Bashir and Director of Tarbiyyah (Education and Upbringing) Ustadh Mohamad Baajour. Currently, EPIC provides the following Halaqa Programs:

Most programs/halaqas occur after the Fard prayers at EPIC and most events are broadcast live on our Youtube channel.




  • After Fajr: Dua Series from Fortress of The Muslim
  • Reward of Free Hajj & Umrah (stay in Masjid till Shurooq)
  • After Shurooq: Free Breakfast


  • After Maghrib: Free Community Iftar
  • After Maghrib: Quest for Love and Mercy - Halaqa by Ustadh Baajour


  • After Fajr: Sunnah/Advice/Dua of the Week
  • After Isha: Journey to Eternity - Halaqa by Imam Nadim


  • After Fajr: Sunnah/Advice/Dua of the Week
  • 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM: Sisters Halaqa by Ustadh Baajour
  • After Isha: Seerah of Prophet Muhammad - Halaqa by Br. Ekram Haque


  • After Fajr: Paradise and Hell - Halaqa
  • After Maghrib: Free Community Iftar
  • After Maghrib: Ahadeeth about Akhlaq (Manners) - Halaqa by Ustadh Baajour


  • After Fajr: Tafseer of Surat Sajdah & Insan
  • After Maghrib: Seerah Lecture (Dedicated to Sisters)
  • After Isha: Halaqa with Dinner (Dedicated to Youth)


  • After Fajr: Explanation of the names of Allah (swt) - Halaqa by Imam Nadim


If you have any questions or suggestions, please click here to Contact the BoD or the Imam/Ustadh