EPIC provides opportunities, positive experiences and education to the community to maintain a socially healthy, open and productive Muslim community.

Following is a short list of services and activities that EPIC offers. Please visit the services listed in the menu for further details:

Social Services

  • Free Medical Clinic (every saturday by appointment)
  • Financial Assistance to the Needy
  • Sadaqa and Zakat Distribution (with zero administrative overhead)
  • Fundraising Opportunities (based on availability) to other non-profit organizations

Educational Services

  • Sunday School and Summer School
  • Quran Learning Classes for Kids
  • Hifz School
  • Weekly Educational Lectures and Halaqas
  • Adult and Youth Education Classes
  • Seminars and Conferences

Prayer Services

  • Five Daily Prayers
  • Friday/Jumuah Khutbah and Prayers
  • Ramadan Activities including Iftar and Taraweeh Services
  • EID Ul-Fitr and EID Ul-Adha Prayers

Outreach Activities

  • Mosque Open Houses
  • Islam 101 classes for people from other faiths
  • New Muslim Outreach
  • Service Projects with other faith groups

Other Services

  • Public Notary
  • Marriage Services (Nikah)
  • Islamic Counseling (by appointment with the Imam)
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