EPIC Finance/Accounting

EPIC Finance/Accounting committee is responsible for overseeing the overall Financial affairs of EPIC. The team consists of the EPIC Treasurer and other dedicated volunteers to manage EPIC finances in a transparent and open manner while maintaining the privacy and security of donors. The Finance committee manages Operations, Zakat, Sadaqah and Fund Raising Accounts and performs the following duties on regular basis

  • Manage Payroll and Payroll Taxes
  • Report Monthly bank account balance and Operations detail
  • Conduct Friday Collection and Ongoing New Masjid Fund Raise Collection
  • Work with Social Services Committee to pay needy
  • Assist Special Events Committee during Fund Raisers, Monthly Dinners, Ramadan Iftaars etc
  • Support finances of EPIC Education Programs (Sunday School, Evening Quran Classes, Hifz School, Arabic Class etc)
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