EPIC Sunday School 2017-18 FAQ

(Registrations Closed) 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What age group is Sunday School for?

This year EPIC Sunday School is designed for 5-17 year olds, basically Kindergarten to 12th Grade.

2. What do students learn in Sunday School?

Our goal is to provide the students with an Islamic environment where we inspire them to discover the different aspects of Islam to establish a strong Muslim identity. Our focus is to encourage our students to develop a relationship with the Quran. We also cover Islamic history, Muslim personalities, morals and manners, everyday issues and more under Islamic studies. Our goal extends to giving our students the right guidance to be role model Muslims. We want to improve their overall morale and help them with their American Muslim identity. They will be tested on the concepts and material we teach them but more importantly, we want to make sure that the values of Islam are instilled in their hearts.

3. What do students learn in Quran class?

In Quran class, there is emphasis on 3 things

a. Tajweed Rules depending on student’s level and tajweed rules will be pointed out in the Surah your child is doing

b. Quran and Dua memorization depending on student’s level- Memorization will take place in class

c. Tafseer of Surah being memorized- Detailed Tafseer will be done in class time of Surah your child is memorizing. They will get books for the Surat assigned to them.

4. What Surat will my child learn at Sunday School?

Students will be required to know Surah from the Quran by 1) Memorization of Assigned Surah, 2) Tajweed Rules in the Surah being memorized and proper pronunciation, and 3) Detailed Tafseer of the Surah being memorized. Having completed ALL 3 ASPECTS will move your child to the next Surah. The Surat your child will learn depends on his grade. The schedule for SURAT MEMORIZED IS:

Kindergarten and LEVEL 0 Students- Surah Al-Fatiha, Surah An-Nas, Surah-Al-Falaq, Surah Al-Ikhlas

Grade 1- Surah Al Masad/An-Nasr/Kafirun/Kauther

Grade 2- Surah Al-Maoon/Al-Quraish/Al-Feel/Al-Humuzah

Grade 3- Surah Al-Asr/At-Takaathur/Al-Qariayah/Al-Aadiyaat

Grade 4- Surah Az-Zalzalah/Al-Bayyinah/Al-Qadr

Grade 5- Surah Al-Alaq/At-Tin/Al-Inshirah

Grade 6- Surah Ad-Duha/Al-Layl/Ash-Shams Grade

Grade 7/8- Surah Al-Balad/Al-Fajr

Grade 9/10- Surah Al-Gashiyah/Al-Aala

Grade 11/12- Surah Al Mutaffafin/Al Inshiqaq

***If your children already know the suras assigned to them, thier teachers will assign them other suras.

5. What about any child that doesn’t know how to recognize or read any Arabic letters.

Students that don’t have the basic knowledge of Arabic letters will be placed in LEVEL 0. In this level, they will be introduced to the Arabic alphabets. They will learn to recognize and write the Arabic alphabets. This process should take them 4-5 weeks. Then they will go to level 1. In Level 1, students will be taught harakat and letter connection. This process will take them about 5-6 weeks. Then students will be proceed to Level 2. In Level 2, reading Arabic words and sentences will be practiced and at this point, child will be able to start memorizing the Surat assigned for his age group, inshaAllah. Level 0 students will be learning Surah Fatiha, Surah An-Nas, Surah Al-Falaq, and Surah Ikhlas. For children entering as Level 0 Students in Quran, they will probably spend much of Semester 1 taking care of all the basics. Then Semester 2, they will be in the normal Quran schedule of memorizing Surahs/tafseer of Surah and tajweed of that Surah being memorized, inshaAllah.

6. Who is teaching my child in Quran class?

An awesome team of teachers who are highly qualified. Most of them are hafidh/hafidha with sound knowledge in tajweed. They have studied under amazing shuyookh. Some have ijazah in tajweed/Hifidh and they all have a passion to teach Quran!

7. What do you teach in Islamic Studies class?

Students will study the Week End Islamic Studies Series that focus on Manners, Duaas & stories of prophets. Teachers will use extra resources to enrich the topics covered in class.

8. Are all students doing the SAME subject?

Students will cover the same topics in a spiral approach but according to their age level and maturity.

9. So after my child finishes this year, next year, will he be repeating the same topics?

There will be some topics that will be reviewed every year to make sure that your child has a deep understanding and confidence in it, such as wudu and prayer. Other topics might change according to the demand and need of subject matter based on age and issues that age group deals with. Regardless of whether its repeated and reviewed or a new topic, the subject at hand will have a different angle and approach than the previous year so students will definitely be engaged in the topic. We do our best to have teachers that are perfect for the age group they are teaching so topics will always be addressed in a manner that keeps your child interested inshaAllah! Let’s not forget that the Quran has themes that are repeated and there is a wisdom in that! There are certain reminders all of us need to reinforce the core concepts! We will make sure that it is done in the best of ways inshaAllah!

10. How is Islamic Studies class divided?

We will generally divide classes according to grades. There might be a few grades combined if that age range can cover a topic collectively. Example 7th/8thgrade boys might be one class and girls will be another class and so forth. You will know the divisions within the first few weeks of class.

11. Who is teaching my child Islamic Studies?

We have an awesome team of teachers who are qualified and have a sound education in the subjects they will be teaching. Our teachers will work as a team to educate your child and make the process an amazing one for him/her.

12. Besides Quran and Islamic Studies, will there be any fun activities for the children?

We have organized a whole team that will focus on organized sports and recreational activities for all our students. We are also going to be calling different members of our community to do workshops according to students interests. Classes like Self Defense, home economics , etc.

13. Whatare the timings for Sunday School?

Sunday School will start PROMPTLY at 10am till 1:40 pm. Parents are expected to drop off their kids between 9:45-10 am and are expected to pick up students by 1:45 pm before Dhuhr and it is recommended that parents take them to Dhuhr prayer.

14. What day does Sunday School start and when does it finish?

Sunday School’s 1stday is Sunday,September 10, 2017 and the last day of classes is Sunday, May 6th, 2018.

We generally follow the Plano Independent School District Calendar and that info is also posted on our epicmasjid.net website!

15. Where are the classrooms for Sunday School?

Students will have classrooms throughout the masjid in first and second floor.

16. Where is drop off and pick up LOCATION?

Drop off: main front entrance between 9:45-10 am

pick up: students between 5-10 years old will need to be picked up by parents/adult at downstairs west wing rotunda. 1:40 pm: 5-10 year old boys and girls will be in downstairs women prayer area.for 11 and up, please coordinate where you want to pick them up. we will dismiss upper grades at 1:50 pm.

Please note: Because we have many community members coming for Dhur Prayer right around the time Sunday school finishes, we clear the sisters from the EAST WING area at that time. SISTERS, please just use the sister’s entrance to pick up your children and brothers can come towards the sisters prayer area and ask for their 5-10 years old children there. We will have staff to help you on both sides inshaAllah!

17. What time is drop off and pick up?

drop off time: 9:45-10 am

pick up time: 1:40-2 pm (charges apply starting 2:15 pm; $5/every 15 minute increment starting 2:15 pm)

important: please note. if you are late more than once to pick up, you will get charged a fee!

18. What is the cost for Sunday School?

Please go to ? www.epicmasjid.net and under the learning tab, go to epic Sunday schooland then the admissions/registration tab, it will give you the most current fee schedule on that page.

19. I went online and looked at the fees and am not able to afford the fees because of financial difficulties. What do I do?

We never reject anyone from putting their children in a program due to financial limitations so please go ahead and fill out the financial aid form and apply for your child/children. We will work with your situation and come up with the best solution inshaAllah!

20. Outside of Sunday School, are there other programs my children can join? I want them to become more active in the masjid.

Yes!, There are many programs and you can find that info at EPIC front office as well as at our website: www.epicmasjid.net

21. Most of my questions have been answered but I have a few more. Who is the best person to talk to?

You can contact the principal at 316-518-2644.

22. How can I follow up with my kid's grade and what he/she studies in class?

We use SunWeb software which is designed specifically for Sunday schools. Parents will be provided with a username and a temporary password to create an account so they can follow up with their kids' grades and be able to contact the teachers for any concerns.