Habitat ReStore

June 25, 2018
2060 W Spring Creek Pkwy, Plano, TX 75023
# of Volunteers
Time Spent
3 hours
Habitat for Humanity has a new Restore that has opened in Plano. The ReStore provides home supplies for the homes that Habitat builds and also provides revenue to build additional homes from their sales of donated supplies. It’s primarily run by volunteers as the entire warehouse just has 6 paid employees. To help this ReStore with their inventory, 13 community members from EPIC spent 3 hours at the facility. We helped sort electrical equipment and lighting by climbing on 10 foot ladders; we organized their electronic records with data entry, we beautified the store by hanging up artwork, we made their break room more hospitable and performed several other organizing tasks under the direction of the store manager. Overall we had a fantastic time full of productivity and fun.

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Event: June 25, 2018