Ustadh Mohamd Baajour

Ustadh Mohamad Baajour joined EPIC as a full time "Director of Tarbiyyah (Education) and Community Development" on Jan 01, 2015 to help establish EPIC as a center of Islamic Learning, Spiritual Growth, Youth Activities, and Outreach.

Ustadh Baajour studied Aqeedah with Shaykh Omar Abdulkafi, Fiqh with Shaykh Muhammad Hassan, and Tajweed with Shaykh Muhammad Issam Al-Qudat in Sharjah. He was the Director of Religious Affairs for 15 years at Masjid Dar-ul-Quran in Bayshore, Long Island, NY, one of the largest Masjid’s in NY. As a Religious Director, Ustadh was not only responsible for the Tarbiyyah (Education) of his community, but also motivated the youth to become leaders. Ustadh Baajour has extensive experience in Community and Youth development. He built bridges with people of all faiths through outreach and helped establish Masjid Eissa-Ibn-Maryam as one of the most vibrant Masjid's in the NY area. Ustadh Baajour is currently an instructor with the Foundation for Knowledge and Development, a religious institute in NY, where he teaches along with Sh. Shakiel Humayun with Sh. Yaser Birjas and Sh. Omar Suleiman as guest speakers.

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