Sheikh Sajjad Gul

hafiz sajjad

Sheikh Sajjad Gul was born and brought up in Pakistan. He has been leading taraweeh prayers since 1996, and has been with EPIC from 2010. He is the pioneer of the hifth program which was launched in 2012. He is currently the head of the EPIC Dar-ul-Quran Hifth Program, and in charge of the evening Nadhirah and Part-time Hifth Program. The hifth program currently has 50 students and the Nadhirah and Part-time Hifth Program currently has 170 students. 

He has a Bachelors in Hadith and Islamic Studies, and has an Ijaza in Hafs with the shortest chain. Among his many skills and specialties ,he is capable of reciting in various styles. Sheikh Sajjad not only teaches hifth but also teaches tajweed, qira'ah, and trains each teacher that is hired so that the quality of education remains high throughout the program. 

He aims for perfection , and expects the very best from his students . Upon completion of their hifth, many older students have moved onto becoming instructors at the evening Nadhirah program and many of them lead taraweeh prayers at various masajid and musallahs around the metroplex . Sheikh Sajjad strives to provide a quality hifth program where students will not only memorize, but be able to retain their hifth, and pass along the education that they have received at this institution.