Social Services

The mission of the Social Services Committee is to develop, implement and manage human services programs and supports needed to improve the quality of life of individuals and families. The committee seeks to serve the humanity without regard to race, gender or religion.

Currently, EPIC Social Services provides the following services:

  • Medical Clinic
  • Visiting and helping refugees
  • Food Bank
  • Distribution of Zakat funds
  • Ansaar (Helpers) Program for reverts and newcomers

Meetings: Every other Tuesday after Maghrib Salah at EPIC.

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Mission: EPIC Youth exists to serve young Muslims in building their Muslim identity, connecting with the Masjid, bringing them closer to Allah and living Prophetically.
Vision: To prepare every youth in the East Plano community to become a confident, practicing Muslim and leader who is guided by Islam’s values and teachings.
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EPIC Sports and Recreation

The EPIC Sports and Recreation team is committed to providing and managing safe and enjoyable recreational and sports activities for the kids, youth and adults. It is our intention to provide program and activities that teach fundamentals, respect, sportsmanship, discipline, teamwork, leadership, and a competitive spirit, all of which will assist our kids and youth in becoming responsible and productive adults.
Current Recreational Activities at EPIC
  • Ping-Pong every Thursday Night
  • Youth Boys: Halaqa and Basketball every Friday Night
  • Youth Girls: Halaqa and Recreational activities (Dodgeball/Pingpong) every Friday Night
If you are registering yourself (or your minor child) for any recreational activities at EPIC, please fill out the registration form online  on our website and make sure you review and agree to the consent/waiver form.
For more information or general inquiries, please contact us via the Contact Us form on our website. 
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Outreach Committee

The purpose of the outreach committee is to build bridges of understanding between Americans of all faiths through collaboration, communication, commitment, and by working towards the common good. Our vision, mission and objectives are outlined below:

Vision: To be the advocates of Islam in the West by promoting its genuine image.
Mission: To be a resource of comprehensive Islamic education and information dissemination through outreach within and outside the Muslim community.

Objectives: The East Plano Islamic Center Outreach Committee strives to:

  • Provide complete and accurate information about Islam and Muslims to the general public.
  • Convey information about Islam through our website and newsletter.
  • Host Mosque open houses with presentations on Islam to groups and individuals.
  • Provide Islam-101 courses for Muslims and People of other faiths
  • Assist new converts to Islam with learning the basics of the faith and its practices, as well as assisting them with their social needs.
To accomplish this task, we have a range of activities including open houses, lectures, seminars, Humanitarian Day assistance, Feed the Hungry, and prison outreach programs.
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Information Technology (IT) committee

This committee manages all EPIC IT projects. One of its main goals is timely and effective communication with the Muslim community and other peoples of faith through the revamped Web site. The committee plans to post videos of Friday sermons and other lectures, when available, to the EPIC Web site as well as YouTube for the benefit of Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Please “like” us on Facebook; and follow us on twitter at #epicmasjid for latest updates. The committee is made up of IT professionals. Please contact us if you have IT, graphics skills and can help the IT Committee.
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